Professional Photographer Association of America

Board of Directors: 
Oregon Professional Photographers Association 2015

Project Photographer: 
Intel Education Services Corps. Namibia 2013

Assistant Photographer: 
Various project 2013 to present.

My photography has been featured in:

  • 1859 Magazine. June/July 2013
  •  Prints for Prints Photography Exhibit, Portland, Oregon.
    August 2013
  •  Members’ Showcase, Newspace Gallery, Portland, Oregon 2013
  • Providence Mercantile Medical Center,
    Portland, Oregon 2013



Namibia 2013

Photography helps me take others with me as I explore the lands, seas and skies of this world, meet the people who live upon it, and feel the emotions that I feel.
I have traveledto all seven continents.  I derive as much pleasure being in my back yard as I do traveling across the Kalahari Desert or trekking across Iceland.   I currently call the Pacific Northwest in the United States my home, which is where I began my photographic journey.